Friday, March 2, 2012

Hong Ki Special Video to Fans for His 22nd Birthday

Lead singer Lee Hongki FT Island sing a song for his fans to celebrate the birthday-22.

The singer recorded a special surprise video message, in which she sang a sweet song with lyrics that touch the hearts of the fans.

These clips are posted at several community sites with the question, "That song is this?", Attracted the attention of netizens everywhere.

Hongki melody is so bright and pleasant, and the lyrics, "I smiled all day and I tried to pinch myself because all this feels like a dream. It's like a dream, you're here with me now, It's like a dream. "

At the end of the song, Hongki said, "Hey Primadonna is stupid, always be grateful to you. I love you guys. Bye. "

Fans responded by writing his video, "Is the title of this song?", "I love you, stupid", and "I like the song, and I like Hongki."

Semantara that, FT Island Hongki and other members are busy promoting their new song, "Severely".

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